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Asset Finance Audit

Precise knowledge of the assets a business owns is vital to track their movement and condition and effectively manage risk.

One of the UKs leading asset audit specialists, we provide customised asset audits and have developed an extensive range of services meet the individual needs of your business.

Our clear and concise asset audit services include:

  • Pre and Post Lend audits
  • Risk Analysis
  • Customer payment and Aged Debtors Analysis
  • Identification of possible fraudulent transactions
  • Review of sub-let documentation, hire agreements, terms and conditions
  • The abuse, misuse and non-appropriated disposal of valuable stock particularly cars, commercial vehicles, plant and machinery and marine equipment
  • Review of manual and computerised hire systems

Exley & Co are totally focused on protecting the interests of finance companies and other financial institutions, by monitoring and ensuring strict compliance.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of public and private limited companies, partnerships and sole traders and we endeavour to minimise and protect your risk.

We have a wealth of experience in providing audit services to a number of blue chip clients throughout the asset finance sector.

Contact us today to discuss your Asset Finance Audit requirements.